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Do you guarantee your work ?

All installations come with a lifetime warranty, which covers the installation against peeling, fading, cracking, bubbling and delaminating for as long as you own the car

But aren't all window films the same ?

In a word NO ! We only use the highest quality films including LLumar, ASWF and Global, All are covered by a manufacturers warranty which we then pass on to our customers,
Basically it's all in the production, On the "cheaper" tints it's actually the adhesive that is dyed to produce the tints colour.
On professional quality films the polyester is dyed which is more expensive but if installed correctly should last decades.

I work through the week can you collect my car ?

Yes we offer a free vehicle collection and drop off service, so you can have your car tinted while busy at work or even relaxing at home. This is for areas within 10 miles of Castleford.  We would also consider areas further afield for a pre-determined fee

What is Window Film?

The vast majority of window films are made up of several layers, which will nearly always include a polyester ‘base’ sandwiched between a scratch-resistant coating (SR) and adhesive systems, which adheres the film to glass. Depending on the film type, there may also be metalised and dyed laminates.

How are the films applied?

Films are applied with a mild soap/water solution and squeegeed onto glass after removing the backing sheet.

What if I need to remove or replace the tint?

No problem. The film itself can be pulled from the glass which will generally leave adhesive residue on the glass. This is removed by spraying with soapy water and using a razor-scraper. No need for any over-powering adhesive removers.

Can I clean tinted windows?

Yes, using a soft  clean cloth,  Use mild detergent or every-day glass cleaning solutions. Basically, avoid using abrasive tools and chemicals.

I've had a cheaper price can you match it?

We like to think our prices are very competitive but sometimes you get what you pay for. i.e: cheap film which will fade in 2-3 years or sub standard installation.
it is an absolute skill to tint a car to professional standard .
These cheap amateur tinter's come and go constantly, they learn basic skills off the internet or £5 DVD’s, buy the cheapest film possible, make a quick pound and disappear.
 We use the best quality film, we offer a fantastic warranty that’s worth more than the paper it’s written on, have proper insurance and hence can offer a professional experience and service
We’re getting more and more re-tints these days too, because some people will initially try the cheap amateurs for a £75 job, then when they complain and nothing is done about it, they contact us again to remove the bad job and have a proper job done, which ends up costing them far more than if they’d used a reputable company in the first place”.
So next time you are looking for a tint, be honest, do you really want the cheapest job possible done on your pride and joy, or would you rather invest a few more pounds (and it won’t be much more) and get a truly professional, worry free, value for money job done.

Do you tint the rear window in 1 piece?

In a word yes, All fully trained auto tinters film the rear screen in one piece, If your car's window is filmed in 2/3 pieces chances are it's not been filmed by a trained installer.

What about the Dot Matrix problem?

Now days most cars have bonded rear screens and 1/4 panels, Around this glass is whats called the dot matrix, small raised dots which fade from the surround to the glass.
After tint is applied this area maybe slightly highlighted because you can't remove the installation solution from between each dot.
I've found the best option is to let the film dry for a week and then just rub your thumb over the dots,

Do you open weekends?

At Performance Tints we try to work around you , If this means working evenings/weekends , No problem,
We like to think we can adapt to any situation

Do you tint the fronts windows?

The law states you must have 70% visible light transmission through your front side windows,
As glass already cuts VLT down by approx 10% -15% to stay legal it's not recommended to install any film on your 2 front side windows or windscreen other than Llumar AU85 which is a clear UV resistant film 

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