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Vehicle Window Tinting (click to be directed to relevant page)

Tinted windows add that distinctive element of style to your vehicle, 
now with the latest advances in film technology it's now almost impossible to tell the difference between manufactured tinted glass or after fit tint, just by appearance alone.

Here at Performance Auto Tints with our 26 years window tinting experience we excel in all aspects of window film installation,  

We are now able to supply and install vehicle graphics ranging from a single viper stripe to full vehicle livery,
Providing the materials ourselves enables us to provide high quality livery for a low cost price.
We are able to provide 1 colour, dual colour and multi colour text and logo's / pictures,  
We can also provide digital prints if required.

Rear Light Tinting

Oracal Light tinting is an exciting new product that sticks to the outer surface of  most light creating a factory finish smoke effect.

The material is a solid vinyl which looks 1000 times better than honeycomb products such as Flyeye and SPi Vision but isn't legal for front lights

Commercial and Residential Window Tinting

Window tinting can be a very cost effective way of altering the glasses characteristics in your business and home for a number of reasons,

Reducing internal office heat and glare on PC workstations whilst creating privacy from prying eyes
Reducing heat and glare in Conservatories and other rooms making the room usable in the warmer months,

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