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We're currently offering a 10% discount on all vehicle rear window tints undertaken before 1st February 2017
Today’s modern car is specifically designed to keep you and your family safe and protected in the event of any unforeseen incidents.

But how often has your journey been affected by harsh sunlight
  • Suffered discomfort due to heat 
  • Reduced visibility due to glare  
  • Been distracted by distressed children or pets 
  • Experienced driver fatigue on a long journey
  • Eyestrain

Fitting  Window Film to car glass is not just about enhancing the appearance of your vehicle - there are many significant environmental, health and safety benefits for you and your passengers. 

What are the benefits of tinted windows?

Enhanced Driver Alertness
Research shows that discomfort due to temperature causes driver concentration to drop. Eye fatigue due to UV and glare also contributes to slower reactions and observations. 
Installing Window Film helps prevent these problems. Reduced eye fatigue and lower temperatures improves vigilance resulting in significant improvement in road and driving safety.

Environmental Conservation
Reducing the energy consumption of a vehicles air conditioning results in less fuel being used, with resulting improvements in exhaust emissions. This in turn lengthens the life span of the air conditioner reducing the risk of any harmful environmental damaging gases escaping into the atmosphere.

Enhanced Privacy
Window Films are available in various shades that add different degrees of privacy, especially when driving alone at night in urban areas. Tinted films protect your privacy and contents within the car
Window films are available in six shades to compliment you, they will enhance your car’s appearance, offering long term good looks and added protection for you, your family and your car.

Heat Insulation
Research shows that a temperature reduction of up to 10℃ can be achieved by fitting Window Film heat insulating film to your car. Ultimate tinted films rejects up to 70% of the sun’s energy, significantly cutting down heat gain in your vehicle. With cooler cabin temperatures everyone enjoys a more comfortable ride.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency
With a cooler cabin, air conditioning usage is minimised, resulting in less fuel being used to power the air conditioning. 
Protection against Harmful UV from the Sun
Driving in your car exposes you to harmful UV which can penetrate glass causing cumulative skin and eye damage. Exposure to constant UV especially on long journeys is also a major contributor to driver fatigue.
Our Window Film blocks 99.9% of all UV radiation, protecting the driver and passengers, especially babies and young children, from its harmful effects. 
Harmful UV rays and heat can also cause car upholstery to crack and fade.  Window Film also acts like a sunscreen for your cars interior, protecting it from the harsh effects of the sun.

The added layer of film to your car’s glass will reduce the risk of glass fragmentation causing injury to occupants in the event of an accident.

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